We make next generation soda.

We make next generation soda.

All our sodas are crafted with 100% natural, high-quality ingredients made from the real fruits and herbs. Join our fizz-olution with sodas that are certified organic, less sweetened, free of chemicals, vegan, and gluten-free.

pomegranate + cucumber

Dive into the refreshing unknown.

We found the recipe for bottling pure freshness. Try our magic potion of pomegranate and cucumber.

natural cola

Taste what it's like to be real.

Natural fruit juices, real kola nut extract and carefully selected natural flavourings create a real taste experience.

lemon + mate

Dance between sweet & sour.

To the most consumed tea in South America, we've added the tang of lemon and caffeine derived from green coffee beans for a refreshing pick-me-up soda.

peach + ginger

Celebrate the sparkling side of life.

The fruitiness of peach, combined with a smooth ginger finish, creates a delicious easy-to-drink soda.

raspberry + thyme

Discover your real flavour.

Imagine the enticing sweetness of ripe raspberries fused with the aromatic allure of thyme. Our unique blend delivers an unexpected new favourite.

why not mix

Enjoy every sip until the last drop.

Lemon + Mate
Peach + Ginger
Raspberry + Thyme
Natural Cola
Pomegranate + Cucumber