Celebrate the sparkling side of life.

Life is about experiences. That's why we're all about a "Why Not" mentality - seizing life's challenges and opportunities with open arms.
At the end of the day, it's not the common choices that you’ll remember - it's the ones that make you feel alive.

For us, life should be more than just straightforward—that's why we've created a unique range of soft drinks for those who share our passion. Each of our beverages is crafted from 100% natural, high-quality ingredients, because we believe in never compromising on quality.

Our sodas are not only bio-certified, less sweetened, vegan and gluten-free, we also strive to produce our drinks locally and we offset the carbon footprint of our soda.

Vegan drink glutten free
Made in Portugal

Dive into the refreshing unknown.

Nils and Steffi were living in Berlin… steady jobs in a large company, two small girls and an almost written future. But we only live once, right? Therefore, they decided to change the narrative of their own history. They jumped into the unknown and created a company in a country they loved, whose language they didn't speak, to launch a product the market had not heard of: the first organic craft soda in Portugal.
Today, Why Not Soda has five flavours on the market and is the reference in the category of craft sodas made in Portugal. But we will go even further: The world is waiting for us. Why Not.