We make premium sodas with unique flavours. Our all-natural non-alcoholic drinks are made for the aspirational dreamers and believers who want to live life to the fullest and care about what they consume.

· 100% natural
· certified organic 
· less sugar


A genuine taste from the original source. We rely exclusively on organic juices, natural extracts, and flavors derived directly from real fruits and herbs. Our sodas are organic certified, vegan, and gluten-free, and to hit the ideal sweetness spot, we keep the sugar level below 5 gr/100 ml for a natural and authentic taste.*
*only our Natural Cola requires a little more (5,6gr/100ml).

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I fell in love with your high-quality, not-too-sweet craft sodas, there are too few of them in the world!”

Andreas, Norway

“Currently staying in Portugal and slightly getting addicted to your craft sodas.”

Kerstin, Germany

“I have to say that Why Not Soda Lemon + Mate is one of the best sodas I have ever tried.”

Nafis, Netherlands

“Your sodas would be a hit in the US.”

Tamara + Jenn, USA

celebrate the sparkling

Why Not Soda is all about seizing life’s experiences with open arms, acting instead of hesitating, embracing opportunities, tasting life to it’s fullest. 
Because at the end of the day, it’s not the common choices that you’ll remember – it’s the ones that make you feel alive. 

lemon + mate

To the most consumed tea in South America, known for its caffeine content, we added the acidity of lemon and caffeine from green coffee beans for an extra boost of energy.

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peach + ginger

The sweetness of the peach combined with a touch of Ginger are the perfect balance you’ll want to repeat.

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raspberry + thyme

We added a tasty aromatic herb to the most appetizing red fruit. Check out our most surprising flavour.

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pomegranate + cucumber

We found the recipe to bottle pure freshness. Try our magic potion of pomegranate and cucumber.

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natural cola

Natural fruit juices in the mix with real kola nut extract and selected natural aromas create this authentic taste experience.

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100% natural

Our sodas are a real deal, no chemical lab-grown nonsense! When you taste a lemon in our beverages, rest assured it’s the essence of a real lemon. We blend our sodas using 100% organic fruit juices and natural aromas and extracts, harnessing genuine flavours straight from the source.

Our sodas are certified organic (PT-BIO-10 | EU/Non-EU Agriculture). The juices we use as the basis for our sodas come from organic farming, which means that we are taking care not only of you, but also of the planet. This type of production is less invasive and does not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms.

We make sodas with passion. For us, that also means finding the perfect balance between health and pleasure, without ever sacrificing taste. We don’t believe in using chemical sweeteners that could potentially harm your health or settling for bad-tasting alternatives. Instead, we use just the right amount of organic cane sugar needed to create a truly refreshing beverage with authentic flavours. It doesn’t take much sugar to achieve that. That’s why our sodas contain less sugar than common sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

We want everyone to enjoy our sodas, including those with sensitivities like celiacs. We use a Roasted Barley Extract in three of our beverages, but the Gluten/Gliadin found in regular Barley Malt extract gets its farewell during the roasting and extraction process, leaving behind only trace amounts that are virtually undetectable by the human body—even for those with intolerance. European legislation deems products “gluten-free” with less than 20 mg per kg or 20 ppm, but our sodas go much much below with these barely-there micro-amounts:

lemon + mate: ≈0,0003 mg / 100ml 
peach + ginger: ≈0,002mg / 100ml 
natural cola: ≈0,012mg / 100ml 


The fizz factor in beverages is quite the cultural affair. Some crave a bold, tongue-tingling sensation, while others opt for a calm, fizz-free experience. We, however, champion the sparkling sweet spot—a balanced effervescence that delivers the finest drinking encounter: delicate bubbles, dancing on your taste buds, preserving the authentic flavours we’re standing for.

Last but not least, let’s talk about our planet. We’re aware that production leaves its mark, and while no product is truly Carbon Zero, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve by reducing transport distances and working with as many local partners possible.

To kick it up a notch, we’ve teamed up with ClimatePartner, who help us analyse our impact and offset our emissions. Each year we support a verified climate project that drives global climate action. Want to learn more? Check out the details and click right HERE.